The last one

Even good weather left already and left Prievidza in rain with dark sky. Yesterday’s party was very nice ending of the wonderful three weeks we spent here. As I walked through the party area I was passing small groups of laughing people. It was hard to transfer from one side to another because I was stopped every three meters and convinced to drink something or meet someone.:) The people who were not standing were dancing, jumping, and singing in the white tent. There was little concert of a Slovak musician. After that, the disco began and it had a big success. Y-M-C-A put all the hands in the air and there were no doubts, somebody will have problems with waking up today. :)

Probably they did but since the closing ceremony started at 10:30 there was enough time to get ready to be a winner. The ceremony was nice and “easy going”. Thanks’ to the music there were no silent times, which is good because nobody got sleepy that way. The competition director handed the FAI flag to the future 32. FAI World Gliding Championship competition director from Argentina. So it’s over. :(

In the end I just want to let you know that even though there were hard times, we had tons of fun over here and it was a pleasure and honor to be a part of the organizing team.

You are all very welcome in Prievidza so we hope to see you soon.


Posted July 18th, 2010