A easy one

The last task, last interviews… It was kind of nostalgic day for us. After three weeks during which everything became a routine it will be little weird not searching for the grid information tomorrow morning.

Anyway, it was also a regular competition day so let’s not get all-emotional but be happy about the good feeling, which the pilots had today. I think no matter how bad and hard were some of the passed days after today every pilot have to feel as a gliding hero. The weather was so good and the task was so easy that after exactly two hours most of the gliders were here ready to be fold in to the trailers. There were strong thermals and no thunderstorms at all.

I think we’ll never find out whether it was because the weatherman and task setter got scared after yesterday or if it was just a tactic how to get everybody on the party on time. Either way, it is kind of nice to see everyone here so early and so satisfied. 

No wonder we are looking forward to the farewell party tonight. Some of the guys already told me that it will be very relieving to have as many beers as they want and not go to sleep at the time as kids on the school night usually go. Well the feelings of organizing team are the same so let’s drink and dance. :)


Posted July 17th, 2010