The last but the best briefing

Today’s briefing was full of positive energy and smiling people. It started with a grotesque video with the advice “Keep gliding, keep smiling!” so we will! The briefing continued with even more pleasant information.

I’m very happy to share this wonderful news with you. The German team has a new team member. Well actually it’s a new team captain. Finally, team captain Uli had became a father of a little future world gliding champion Fin Gmelin. Since little Fin was born here, in Bojnice hospital, he became the youngest honoree member of the Prievidza aero club. Fin received the member certificate so we hope we will see him from time to time over here. :)   

The second part of the team introduction belonged to the scoring office. Those are the ones who you can thank for all points… and warnings of course. It’s not a pleasant work because they are not usually the most loved ones. That’s probably why they were introduced as the last ones, but there are no doubts that they are the most important ones. Without them, this event would be just a friendly meeting for the gliding fans on holiday but now it’s a racing drama full of adventure. (Ok, maybe I went too far over here):)

Speaking of the not loved ones, since thank to the task setter - Drahos were the most of the pilots admiring the countryside of Slovakia yesterday, he was punished today. And when I say punished I mean beaten by an old hangman. Basically the last briefing was one funny theatre spectacle with lot of applauses and laugh.

I think it means that everybody left in a good mood so the task will be easy. There is two hours speed task for all classes so hopefully they will be here early for the farewell party in the evening.


Posted July 17th, 2010