A tough one

Today it wasn’t easy at all for all of us. I think it was the hottest day since the competition started (and definitely one of the hottest I remember in Slovakia) so the crew had a tough task to find a shade with a breeze where is a slim possibility to stay alive and not dehydrate until the pilots will come home. For us - the team it was the same. All the rooms are heated to the nice outside temperature with fresh - stacked air, which is not moving at all so everyone is taking showers with 20 minutes frequency. And of course the pilots had a very interesting day. The interesting means the day when you are begging the sun to go down so it’s over… just kidding. :)

I liked the impression form the Italian pilot who said: “It wasn’t all bad. I think I learned a lot today.” I think it’s nice always see the bright side. :) The problem today was that there were a lot of thunderstorms on the task so it was basically catch me if you can kind of task. The catchers were the showers of course. However there are a few pilots who got lucky or are very good pilots (you can choose what ever is more politically correct…) and they make it home threw the whole task. It is very possible that there will be some mayor changes at the results’ positions after today.

And in the end, I think it’s good that the weatherman and the task setter were introduced today because I’m not sure we will see them any soon. Since the most of the pilots outlanded today those two are hiding until the frustration of the competitors will go away.

We’ll have a movie night tonight so hopefully it helps to relax after a long day.


Posted July 16th, 2010