A thunderstorm’s one

There are gliding days which can make someone happy, someone happier and someone very thankful that the day is over. I think we’ve just had one of those. The weather was very good and quite strong but difficult to be predicted. The thunderstorms made it interesting and made the difference between the smiling pilots and the outlanded ones. The trick was to start the task sooner than later because then the rain came and the thermals got scared of it. So if the pilot was fast enough he (or she) could enjoy a nice mountain ride around Martin. There was a catch  - the Martin valley with week thermals pretty far from each other but it’s a world championship we are talking about, so why not to make it hard? :)

The favorite part today was definitely the third turn point. Well, I’m starting to think that pilots are just making this things up, because no matter in which class are they flying in, they have the same best part. Weird, isn’t it?

Anyway, those who were fast enough today were the happy ones. Because of the thunderstorms and showers around, those who tried the waiting tactic had a problem to make it to the south part of the task.

The good thing about this complicated weather is that finally, after a week and something,  is the air fresh and dustless.


Posted July 15th, 2010