31st FAI World Gliding Championship
Prievidza, 04.07.2010 - 17.07.2010
Club class
2, 05.07.2010
Speed Task Club, Task time: 02h 00min
Turnpoint Distance Direction Observation zone
075Novaky 4.1 km 061° To Next Point, Line 10,0km
044Ladce 38.4 km 332° Cylinder R=15,0km
012Selec 37.7 km 214° Cylinder R=15,0km
071Kozarovce 61.0 km 141° Cylinder R=20,0km
PRIEVIDZA 47.2 km 005° Cylinder R=3,0km
Total: 106,7km/266,1km (184,2km)

Task Notes:
First launch: 11:45 LT; Grid: 8:15 - 11:30 LT
Take off: RWY 220, "Procedure A"
Frequency for take off: 123.475 MHz

Regional QNH: 1013 hPa
Left circling: 5 km FROM PRIEVIDZA

Opening the start line: 30 MINUTES AFTER THE LAST TAKE OFF
Frequency for start: 122.60 MHz
FL converted to regional QNH: FL090: 2740m; FL095: 2893m
Permanently prohibited areas: LZP1MOCHOVCE, LZR51MOCHOVCE
Warning: DROP ZONE ATZ LZDB (FRQ:123,50 MHz)
Activated restricted areas for today: CTRZILINA, TMAZilina_W, TMAPoprad_S, TMA3KOSICE, TMA2BRATISLAVA
Safety frequency: 122.60 MHz, 121,5 MHz

Finish ring: 3 km, minimum altitude 310 m QNH
Landing procedure: RWY 040, PROCEDURE "ARRIVALS 040"
Finish line is closed: AT SUNSET - 20:50 LT
After outlanding: SMS to +421 907 367 777 (NB. of TP, FILL THE FORM - CN & POSITION & COORDINATES),
Upload the IGC files: http://www.wgc2010.sk/upload/

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