What a life!

The briefing speaker Michal started the briefing with the words that we all are very sad, because the time is flying by and tomorrow will be the last briefing. (I think he had tears in his eyes, but don’t tell it anyone.) True, it’s sad but we still have some time to have fun.

The introduction of the team members belonged to three guys. The task setter, design maker, and the weatherman. Who do you think is the most popular one? :)

However, we have a serious issue to discuss today. The chief steward Roland came to me this morning that he has a report about not very fair play behaving. The unnamed team member dog peed on the other team’s god. You can understand this is a very serious situation to which we must pay attention. The jury will hold a hearing of both dogs and they also called the technical engineer to take the samples of the pee so they can make sure which dog made this horrible “expression”. Speaking of social drama, there is one more piece of gossip. It is not unusual that when you spend some time far away from home you get lonely and start to look for nice company. If the company is a beautiful lady it is not surprising that more than just friendship is going on. Well we have the same case here between the German and the Czech team members. The “guy” is a gorges blond and the “girl” is a beautiful dark skin and since she is knocked up already they will became a proud parents of the puppies in a few months.:) So I hope you enjoyed both stories about the dog’s life during the gliding competition.

Now something about the gliding over here. There is a 2 hours 30 minutes speed task for all classes today. The weather should be similar to the yesterdays. There is still a possibility of showers and thunderstorms over high mountains. The cloud bases will be at 2200 m QNH.

There is a thunderstorm not so far from the airfield right now, but hopefully it will disappear very soon.

Have a nice day. :)


Posted July 16th, 2010