In memory of Alexander

Todays briefing started with minute of silence in memory of Alexander, who we miss very much. There was a short video and the condolence book, so everybody could write to the family and to the Russian team. 

You can watch the video here:

Some pilots doubt the canceling of today’s competition day, but Russian team captain preferred not to fly and we respect his wish. 

The Chief Steward Roland Stuck had a very powerful speech about the safety. 

I’m adding the speech in the news so you can read it and most importantly remember it too.  


Dear competitors, dear team members, 

I would like to express the condolences of the IGC officials present here to the family of Alexander, to the Russian team and to the organisers.

The President of the IGC and The Secretary General of the FAI also asked me to pass on their sincere condolences and sympathy to the Russian Team and to the Organizers. 

As you know, the CD has decided to cancel the day in order to honour the memory of our friend

I would like you to make use of this rest day to think a little about the situation we have here at this competition

During the four first days of this competition we had one fatal accident, one mid air collision and yesterday morning we were very close to have another collision. We have also several gliders damaged during outlandings.

This is definitely the worst safety record we ever had in a WGC!

Is this only due to bad luck?  

I do not think so

Every day we have pilots reporting dangerous flying, complaining about other pilots making silly manoeuvres before the start, entering into gaggles in a wild way, flying in clouds and so on, and so on.

Is this situation the fault the organisers? 

I do not think so

The organisers pay due attention to safety. They have set up safe launching, start, finishing, and landing procedures, they made every day safety briefings, they made the right decision after the mid air collision.

So only YOU can improve the situation!

  • - Remain concentrating during your flights!
  • - Look out; do not look too much to your instruments or your PDA!
  • - Respect the rules of the air; give the way if you have to do so!
  • - Avoid leaching and flying in gaggles, make your own decisions!
  • - Do not fly recklessly! 
  • - Do not fly aggressively!

No medal, no placing in a WGC is worth to put at stake your integrity or the life of other competitors!

Think about your family, about your children and about your friends!

Please make sure we will have no more accident at this championship!

Roland Stuck

Chief Steward

Posted July 9th, 2010