Fatal accident

We are sad to have to announce that we had a fatal accident this afternoon. Alexander Martynov from Russian Federation, crashed in his LAK 19 sailplane approximately about an hour after the opening of the startline, about 23 km North East from Prievidza.

At least two other pilots witnessed the accident. According to them Alexander was circling in a
 thermal at nearly 1000 meters QNH when he entered into a spin. He did not recover from this spin and crashed into the forest. Pilots sent the coordinates and one of them landed in Martin in order to help to identify the crash location.

At 13:58 we were alerted by the team captain of one of these pilots and we immediately activated the search and rescue system. We sent an airplane to the accident location to search for the sailplane and after a few minutes later it was joined by a Helicopter from the Search and Rescue system. Due to the density of the forest none of the aircrafts could find the glider.

Finally the police informed us that they found the wreck and the pilot was dead.

We decided to cancel the task in the standard class and inform the team captains about the decision.

The Accident and Incident Investigation Department of the Ministry of Transportation and Communication of the Slovak Republic is currently investigating the accident.

Posted July 8th, 2010

Let me introduce you…

We have a new feature during the briefings since yesterday - the introduction of the organizating team.

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A “waiting” one

Today was an exam for the organization and decision-making. Not just for the pilots but also for the whole Prievidza airfield team.

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Waiting for the window

We would like to congratulate to the Dutch team, who won a soccer game last night. There was a very nice atmosphere in the bar.

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MIDAIR COLLISION – Correction of the news on the website

At the first competition day we had a mid-air collision between GX and 8K. The collision happened at an altitude of 2200 m approximately 10 km South West from Ruzomberok town. Only GX had a proximity warning device. Both gliders were damaged.

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