IGC files of PRE-WGC 2009

Organizing Team of WGC wishes you all a Happy New Year, much of health, happiness, beautiful cross-country flights, and especially happy landings.
As you are requesting access to IGC files of competitors on "52nd International Slovak Gliding Championship - The PRE-WGC 2009" We would like to inform you that they are available and posted on this link: results, where you can choose different classes, each day and the contestants.

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Registration has been started

Online registration has been started. Closing date for the registration will be February 25th, 2010. You can proceed to online registration.

Posted December 15th, 2009

Filling the Preliminary Entry Form

When you fill in the Preliminary Entry Form, be careful and fill in every detail of the form, because all data are compulsory. Before sending it, check all details, do not forget to fill in "Name and function of the person filling the form"; "Place and date"; "Signature"; "Stamp of the NAC".

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Training possibility before WGC 2010

There is an excellent possibility for training before WGC 2010. We kindly invite all glider pilots to participate in the contest of FCC Gliding 2010, which will be held from 16th April to 28th April 2010 at Prievidza airfield.

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Preliminary entry form

Another document, which is also part of Bulletin No.1, has been published. Download is possible via Documents section or directly by clicking here.

Posted November 20th, 2009