Getting ready!

If you were here today, you would probably have noticed that everybody from WGC staff looks almost as busy as the Chicago O’Hare’s handling guys. Surprisingly it is not a pose, but genuine devotion.

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Last preparations, first arrivals

In theese days the preparations for 31 FAI WGC 2010 Prievidza are going to be finished. On Saturday June 26th 2010 an unofficial practice begins, but already now some participants are at our airfield. As the first the Australian team members arrived. Today the team members of Argentina, one member of Spanish team and one member of British team  joined to them to do practice before WGC.

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Slovak sim cards available

There will be possibility for the participants of 31 FAI WGC 2010 Prievidza to buy sim cards of the Slovak mobile operator Orange at the registration. Therefore it is not necessary to buy it in advance.

Posted June 18th, 2010

Calibration of the flight loggers

Because we were asked for the calibration of the flight loggers directly at the contest site many times, we asked LX Navigation company for the possibility to provide theese services there. Unfortunately, it will not be possible to provide it. So we would like to recommend you to send the flight loggers to the qualified organisations before the championship. 

Posted June 17th, 2010

Wooden houses reserved

Newly built wooden houses have been successful. All are already reserved for the participants of 31 FAI WGC 2010 Prievidza! Thank you for your interest.

Posted June 15th, 2010