Flash News


The first launch was postponed to 12:30.

Posted July 16th, 12:19

The first launch was postponed to 12:15. 

Posted July 16th, 11:33

The first launch will be at 12:00.

Posted July 16th, 11:08

Good morning! The weather is still hot, but the sky looks dark and we can see the showers around. Few rain drops is coming down also on the airfield. 

Posted July 16th, 07:31

Everybody’s home. :)

Posted July 15th, 19:37

08, C71, 5, 8K, EJ, ZM should be still in the air.

Posted July 15th, 17:43

DZ, GD, JT, DC landed out.

Posted July 15th, 17:42

There is a thunderstorm very close to the airfield and it’s raining outside.

Posted July 15th, 17:41

EA outlanded.

Posted July 15th, 16:40

Standard class gliders are approaching. 

Posted July 15th, 16:35

First club class gliders are landing.

Posted July 15th, 16:30

The first gliders from the world class are already here.

Posted July 15th, 15:47

ED, PF, VS, MF, XII outlanded.

Posted July 15th, 15:46

The weather looks pretty good. There are more clouds that usually. Today’s streaming is working as well so far so you can watch the race.   

Posted July 15th, 13:30

The start line for standard class will be opened at 13:20.

Posted July 15th, 12:52

The start line for club class will be opened at 12:47.

Posted July 15th, 12:18

The start line for world class was opened at 12:15. 

Posted July 15th, 12:15

The first take of was postponed to 11:40.

Posted July 15th, 11:15

After briefing. First launch will be at 11:30.  

Posted July 15th, 10:31

Good morning. It is already hot outside. The weather is sunny and the sky is cloudless.

Posted July 15th, 07:47